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About Us
We work smart.
We believe in science.
We make it better.

PnP Biopharm Co., Ltd. established in 2011, is the world's leading R&D institute and manufacturer for growth factors and peptides being based on the expertise of Professor Hang-Cheol Shin who is an recognized expert in the field of protein production and engineering.

With 30 years of experience in protein research and development,
PnP Biopharm Co., Ltd. has developed its own highly stable and highly
active protein expression technology, BexPress™
platform and holds a number
of patents on proteins developed with this technology.

PnP Biopharm produces proteins and peptides
as cosmeceutical ingredients of skincare
and haircare products and also produce
its own cosmeceutical products and OEM products.
PnP Biopharm is in the stage of pre-clinical and clinical research
development for API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) which can
be used in pharmaceutical products. With our unique technology
for producing long and stable growth factors, we aim to supply
the next generation of functional APIs in the global market.